Rubrik appoints former CIA chief information security officer Michael Mestrovich

RUBRIK has named former CIA chief information security officer, Michael Mestrovich, to the company’s CISO role.

Mr Mestrovich will lead Rubrik’s internal data security efforts and provide top-level cyber security and cyber policy expertise to propel Rubrik’s mission to ‘secure the world’s data’.

Rubrik now brands itself as the Zero Trust Data Security Company and is finding world leaders in data security to help power that brand.

“Today (May 26) we added one of the world’s most prominent security experts to our leadership team,” Rubrik CEO and co-founder, Bipul Sinha said.

“We believe it’s essential to combine expertise from both the private and public sectors if businesses and governments want to stand a chance against cyber criminals. Michael’s understanding of the changing cyber-landscape and exceptional leadership experience will be paramount for our federal, state, and local customers, as well as private companies who are preparing for inevitable cyber attacks.” 

Mr Mestrovich joins Rubrik with more than 20 years of distinguished IT and security leadership, most recently serving as CISO for the CIA, leading the agency’s cyber defence operations, developing and implementing cyber security regulations and standards, and directing the evaluation and engineering of cyber technologies.

While at the CIA, Mr Mestrovich also served on a rotational detail as the Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer for the US Department of State, where he was responsible for managing the department’s $2.6 billion, 2,500 person global IT enterprise.

Before Mr Mestrovich’s career in the public sector, he was a systems engineer at Cisco Systems and served in the US Air Force.

“With increased vulnerabilities in existing infrastructure and legacy security solutions, organisations’ most critical asset – data – is more vulnerable than ever,” Mr Mestrovich said.

“I made the decision to return to the private sector at this critical juncture to work with the company that is pioneering the next frontier in cyber security: data security. I am thrilled to join the world-class team at Rubrik and look forward to working together to secure the world’s data.”

Rubrik recently staged its FORWARD Conference, focussed on helping business leaders understand and prepare for cyber attacks. The conference’s keynote sessions and reports from IT and security leaders can be viewed here.


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