SpareBizSpace engineers a new kind of ‘space-age’

SPAREBIZSPACE is an organisation solving dual problems faced in an ever-increasingly mobile and transient world: how to find the right business space at the right price, and how to make money out of your under-utilised space.

In fact, founder and CEO Helen Cowley describes SpareBizSpace as “like Airbnb for business”.

“We focus on an economical growth resource for our mobile business work force by developing and connecting a shared economy, and environmentally utilising unproductive business space of others,” Ms Cowley said,

“As a consultant, coach, mentor and trainer of small and startup businesses, I could see two sides of a challenge.  

“We have an ever-growing trend globally of a mobile and transient workforce.  Currently, about 40 percent of people work from home.”


In change there is opportunity and Helen Cowley decided to extend her growing experience in finding temporary marketing, event or production spaces to focus on helping her customers navigate similar opportunities.

“I found myself assisting people to look for spaces to launch products, create food product lines and others wanting to expand into new states or regions,” Ms Cowley said. “Some of this was created from my own need to find space for everything from running an event or training or coaching.

“For example, coffee shops are not the ideal place to have private professional conversations.  It can be noisy, un-private, busy and crowded -- not overly conducive to business, especially with new clients or for confidential meetings.  However, it is convenient … and you can get coffee.  But it’s not tax deductible.

“Secondly, I was helping so many struggling businesses who had space, filled as storage or empty many days, or they leased more space than they needed ‘for growth’. So much under-utilised, wasted and under-capitalised space," she said.

“Restaurants which had commercial kitchen facilities not used on a Monday or Tuesday and struggling to make profit.  Offices only using their boardroom once a week.  Why not benefit from this spare under-utilised and under-capitalised asset space?

“I developed a better solution. SpareBizSpace is like Airbnb for business.”


SpareBizSpace can quickly help businesses find a space or list a space online. It is possible to book a space for an hour, or a day, or more.

“Save time and money committing to long term contracts, now you can be doing business in more places and more ways,” Ms Cowley said.

“There are so many innovative business activities that can use so much spare space without a long-term commitment.  Businesses can increase their profile, income and profitability and expand their business looking like a professional, not just a kitchen table startup.

“Creative and innovation thinking is now where and what type of facilities can be used,” Ms Cowley said. “Globally I am hearing of conferences being held in vacant warehouses and old manufacturing facilities and other open or vacant spaces. 

“My aim is to help businesses to expand our capability in becoming more environmentally sustainable, economical and profitable for all our small businesses.”

Helen Cowley likes the adage that "the most reliable way to predict the future is to create it".

“And new possibilities are always welcome,” she said.

SpareBizSpace is a Queensland Leaders Future Leaders member.


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