Mobiquity tailors tech-driven financial products to ‘brand enthusiasts’

By Leon Gettler, Talking Business >>

IMAGINE IF RETAILERS offered banking services like buy now, pay later? Or if your local football club offered you the opportunity to get the finance to buy a car? This is possible with the work that Mobiquity is doing.

Mobiquity partners with the world’s leading brands and banks to design and deliver compelling digital products and services.

Gustavo Quiroga, the vice president and general manager of Mobiquity for the Asia-Pacific regionAPAC, said this was one of the most exciting areas that Moibiquity is getting into in Australia. He said they ‘become like banks’.

“It’s about bringing this opportunity to extend the utility that these trusted brands have with their customers by bringing in financial services which they couldn’t do before, “ Mr Quiroga told Talking Business

“Now the reason is banks or banking is a very distributed and loosely defined industry. So all of these industries, airlines and sporting associations, they have something that every bank covets – and that is trust of their customers and a real brand affinity.

“So as a Penrith Panthers member, I might take out a car loan with them, before I go to a bank, and some insurance, because I know that I trust them, that they’re going to give me the best deal, because I love my club and any profits are going to go back to make my club even better. So why wouldn’t I do that?

“Why wouldn’t I take out a Qantas holiday and pay it through Qantas in 12 easy direct instantly created direct debit payments,” Mr Quiroga said.

“I think this is the most exciting area of innovation for financial services across the whole industry and it’s not just traditional banks.”


Mr Quiroga said Mobiquity could also work to help banks deal with the trust issue by becoming a broker and creating relationships between banks and other businesses.

“We act as partnership brokers or we sponsor marriages between organisations,” he said. “For a bank, why not empower and enable those organisations that have the trust of captive audiences – so the Penrith Panthers, the Qantases of the world – and therefore tackle this challenge of trust as more one of distribution into those target segments and integration with the organisations that own those target segments.

“So what we do, in that sense, we broker those marriages and we orchestrate those business integrations from a technology and experience.”

Mr Quiroga said Mobiquity was also targeting to work with mutuals, neo banks and challenger banks. 

“From a tactical level, we tend to focus more on solutions to current problems that these banks have, such as how do I turn Pay 2, a new industry initiative, into something that helps my merchant clients win more customers?” Mr Quiroga said. 

“Or how do I speed up the approval of the right personal loan for my retail customers? So we do this by partnering with best of breed technology vendors.”

Mr Quiroga said strategically, Mobiquity provides digital banking advisory services.

“We are doing this for a number of organisations that are looking to stand up new propositions, like a brand new Islamic bank here in Australia,” he said.

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