Walkley Award for industrial relations reporting

THE Walkley Foundation has launched a new national award for exceptional industrial relations reporting by the Australian media.

The Helen O’Flynn and Alan Knight Award for Best Industrial Reporting was created in partnership with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, Unions NSW, AiGroup,  the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the University of Technology Sydney, and with the support of an anonymous donor. 

“Times change, but the notion that we are stronger together remains,” Walkley CEO Jacqueline Park said.

“Unions have been vital throughout our nation’s history, helping to forge our egalitarian national character — including the concept of a ‘fair go’. As crucial is the role of journalists in covering this often complex topic. Through this new award, we aim to celebrate great industrial relations reporting and encourage more of it.”

This all-media award will recognise outstanding journalism that captures the importance of a robust industrial relations ecosystem for Australian workers and businesses, as well as its complexities.



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