Tourism industry leader ATEC collaborates with Beyond Blue to support business owners' wellbeing

IN THE WAKE OF its hugely successful Road to Recovery tutorial webinar program, the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is gearing up to launch a new series, Restart Ready commencing with a focus on the wellbeing of tourism business owners across the country.

The Restart Ready program will introduce tourism businesses to a recently launched program, NewAccess for Small Business Owners, a free and confidential mental health coaching program developed by Beyond Blue that provides support to small business owners who are experiencing challenges.  

“While many millions of people across the country have been in cycles of lockdowns over the past 18 months, the tourism industry has been doing it extra tough, with lockdowns forcing businesses to start and stop several times – a process which is enormously exhausting both mentally and financially,” ATEC managing director Peter Shelley said. 

“While much of ATEC’s work has been focused on supporting the ‘business’ aspect of member businesses, we know that what sits below these businesses names is passionate, dedicated people suffering the stress of keeping their business afloat during these very difficult times.

"In light of our current environment and the pressures being faced by so many in the industry, ATEC is opening registrations to all the tourism industry to provide much needed support for businesses doing it tough as a result of the pandemic.”

The series of three tutorials will be held over consecutive weeks beginning on August 12, with the first session focused on small business owners and mental health, current pressures and introducing the NewAccess for Small Business Owners Program. 

Subsequent sessions will feature Beyond Blue’s Mel Novak and Blue Voices speaker Tim Hoopmann discussing health and wellbeing for small business owners in the tourism industry followed by a Q&A session in week three.

Beyond Blue chief community officer Patrice O’Brien encouraged business owners to participate in the Restart Ready tutorials.

“Business owners who are doing it really tough during the pandemic can participate in the Restart Ready tutorials and gain practical advice and information on the importance of wellbeing,” Ms O’Brien said.

“The tutorials will also introduce the benefits of mental health coaching available through a program called NewAccess for Small Business Owners. The program is delivered via telehealth by trained mental health coaches who have a background in small business and is free for participants.”

Click here to register for this week's Restart Ready tutorial with Beyond Blue’s Mel Novak.



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