Treaties Committee supports three important treaty actions

 THE Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has tabled Report 195, concerning three treaty actions: a film co-production agreement with Malaysia, revisions to the Radio Regulations which regulate radio spectrum and satellite orbits, and a new tax information exchange agreement with Timor-Leste.

“The Malaysian Government is a strong supporter of the Malaysian film industry and Malaysian films attract a large audience in South East Asia,” said committee chair Mr Dave Sharma MP.

Australia’s film co-production agreement with Malaysia would make it easier for Australian film makers to develop co-productions with Malaysian film makers and encourage closer cultural ties between Australia and Malaysia.  

The revisions to the Radio Regulations make a number of improvements to the management of the radio spectrum and satellite orbits, which are used to support everything from mobile phones to satellite communications. 

The improvements include providing greater bandwidth to support 5G mobile broadband services, enhanced connectivity on aeroplanes and ships, and expanded Global Maritime Distress and Safety System satellite services.

The new tax information exchange agreement with Timor-Leste allows the two countries to exchange information for the purpose of administering taxes associated with the Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries Treaty.

“Treaties don’t have to be spectacular to be important,” Mr Sharma said. "These treaties improve our international relationships, make our lives safer and more productive, and bring us closer together.”


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