Monarc Global flies through the pandemic and helps build air alliances

BRISBANE-BASED aviation technology company Monarc Global has been innovating to help airlines, private charter operators and aviation brokers work together during the global pandemic—and it is paying off in unexpected ways.

Monarc Global last year helped thousands of Australians stranded overseas by facilitating urgent repatriation flights from India to Australia.

Barely out of the start-up stage as the pandemic emerged, Monarc Global was able to reposition and utilise its newly-developed software Travech – an automated, accurate booking and pricing solution used predominantly by charter operators, private aviators and airlines alike.

This year the company is extending its global reach by providing another solution to the grimly affected travel industry.

Monarc Global is launching its Partnership and Alliance Program. 

The program allows operators to work together by partnering with other airlines, operators and aviation brokers, forming a global audience and syndicate.

“We are a company that is pretty good at listening to operators and helping them to solve some of their biggest problems,” Monarc Global CEO Royce Crown said.

“We want to help operators, however big or small their business or fleet size may be, to have the opportunity to continue running their business even during a pandemic,” he said.

The program allows users to access Travtech and its unique multi-point application programming interface (API).

Mr Crown said operators could partner with other operators to share their fleets, obtain global reach, and access the aircraft’s instant live availability and accurate prices.

“The last thing an operator wants is to have their fleet laying dormant. Why not allow another operator to have access to your fleet from anywhere in the world, and you can continue business as usual?” Mr Crown said.

The program elevates existing alliances and builds new business partnerships by connecting the industry to work together in a seamless motion, Mr Crown said.


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