EXTRA: Wests Tigers develop social broadcasting app for fans

EXTRA: WESTS Tigers NRL members and fans are set to gain unprecedented access to the club with a new partnership with social broadcaster XCast.

XCast will become the home of Wests Tigers TV, providing a dedicated 24 hours a day, seven days a week broadcast of all the latest from the NRL team year round.

Australian-developed XCast is pitched as the most advanced social broadcast app in the world, with Wests Tigers TV set to be beamed to members and fans around the world live from the XStudio, which is being built under ‘the iconic Coke sign’ in Sydney. 

The new partnership will see XCast, developed by Moment Media founder and long-time Wests Tigers supporter Ron Creevey, feature on the back of the team’s jerseys for the remainder of 2014 and the following two seasons.

Wests Tigers CEO Grant Mayer said that the partnership will give members and fans more access than ever before to the club.

“Wests Tigers are very excited by what the future holds working alongside Ron Creevey and the XCast team,” said Mr Mayer. “Through the XCast app our members and fans will have unprecedented access to the Club as we broadcast content 24-7.

“The development of XCast is a major investment for Ron and we’re delighted that he’s chosen Wests Tigers to launch it,” he said. “We look forward to taking Wests Tigers supporters inside the team and giving them an insight into what goes into putting a rugby league team on the field each week.”

 Mr Creevy said, “I’m an incredibly passionate Wests Tigers supporter and it’s great to be able to be involved at this level. To see the team have success on the field this year has been exciting, it’s an endorsement of sticking with your side through the good and the bad.

“We’ve seen the exposure of Moment Media continue to grow and look forward to building the XCast brand over the coming years with Wests Tigers,” he said. “It’s an exciting development for Wests Tigers fans, the Club is set to be the first in Australia to have a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dedicated social broadcast network.”

Wests Tigers TV will broadcast 24-7 on the XCast app, with users receiving special alerts whenever a live broadcast is taking place.

They’ll also be able to watch all content on demand, ensuring they never miss out on the latest news.




POSTED JULY 23, 2014


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