OneFitStop: tech helps gyms, trainers overcome pandemic disruption

By Leon Gettler >>

ONEFITSTOP could provide a real solution for gyms in the age of pandemics.

OneFitStop is a software-as-a-solution (SaaS) platform working with fitness outlets around the world to empower their management, taking care of the scheduling, booking, payments, marketing and reporting tools. It can cover anything from small gyms, to yoga and pilates outlets, to multi-location franchise gyms.

The software solution allows operators to bill weekly or monthly, provide clients with access to classes, access to general check-in and personal training services.

Clients can download the app, with the business branded name, from the App Store. This allows them to book into classes or book private training. They can also sign up as members, even get gift cards and promo codes. 

Jarron Aizen, the founder and CEO of OneFitStop said in dealing with COVID-19, operators had been building in digital content such as video streaming, articles, blogs, and recipes, to engage with their audience from a digital landscape.


The OneFitStop platform assists gyms to go completely digital, if they choose, potentially broadcasting to clients internationally.

“What we’ve seen is that, in the fitness industry over COVID, what’s happened is some facilities have gone to third party systems to some streaming – like they’ve just used Zoom – and others have not done anything and just shut their doors. So what we did was build all these tools inside the app,” Mr Aizen told Talking Business.

“For example, they can access all the streaming in the app directly. They already had this on their phone and you can do all the content in your phone directly, for example, and do all your pilates classes from home and even Chrome cast it to the TC easily,” he said.

Mr Aizen said OneFitStop allows operators to integrate their operations with Zoom, with unique Zoom meeting IDs for each class, and send the links out automatically.

OneFitStop has also built a broadcast tool, with high quality video broadcasts and multi-camera inputs and audio feeds, creating a high end production

“Some of our brands have gone along with that when they want to produce top-notch, top-quality content,” he said.


Mr Aizen said this would allow fitness outlets to build global markets, if they wanted to.

“Our brands, when they are starting to open up again, some of them are installing cameras in the studio live," he said. "They’re going to run in-club classes and stream it digitally to the world, and they’re going to try and sell those digital memberships outside of the four walls of the suburbs they operate in to all other countries.”

“We’ve seen them sell ready memberships in London, in the US, from Australia.” 

OneFitStop operates out of Australia, the US and right through the Asia Pacific region, including New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Its offices in America also service Europe.

Mr Aizen said the beauty of the digital world is it “allows some operators to go global with some businesses completely pivoting and others adopting a hybrid model with customers coming from all over the world”.

The company had been working on the technology for some time and had launched the first digital modules in December last year.

“We actually had the foundations of the technology ready built which was great because when COVID hit, we literally went full steam, all engineers on additional digital engagement modules and we were able to release it very quickly to the market place because we had already done all the basic work behind it all,” Mr Aizen said.

OneFitStop has also had to train fitness operators on how to use the technology.

“It’s added challenges to our operations, but certainly, when we see the end products, it’s incredibly rewarding because in many cases, it’s a saviour to these businesses at this time as well,” Mr Aizen said.

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