US launch for Monarc Global’s Travech air charter software  

THE industry-transforming Travech air charter management software developed by Australian company Monarc Global is jetting in to the US.

Automated quoting air charter software Travech was launched in 2017 by Monarc Global, an aviation-tech company, to help private charter operators automate their quoting practices.

Monarc has since helped more than 40 charter operators within Australia in rapid automated charter quoting. 

“​The plan was always to launch in the US, but COVID-19 happened, and we had to put things on hold while continuing to build new and upcoming features for our software,” ​Monarc Global CEO and co-founder, Royce Crown said. 

He said Monarc Global’s automated quoting software would re-imagine the way many airlines are doing business. 

 “There’s a realisation from major airlines, who were 100 percent reliant on scheduled services, that had found themselves grounding fleets during the pandemic,” Mr Crown said.

“They can’t have this happen again. It makes sense that they should look for alternative solutions to continue generating business. This is something they will need to implement to keep business operating during such a crisis.

“Travech is the ideal solution for them,” he said. “It will help them to utilise their grounded fleets and allow opportunities for them to charter their aircraft.” ​

Monarc Global’s Travech software is currently one of the world’s leading – and accurate – live availability and live pricing solutions automating non-scheduled assets. 

During the pandemic, Monarc Global found a spike in interest in their Travech software from operators wanting to invest in new ways to do business. The isolation period forced many to rethink, relearn and implement solutions that would help them not only stay relevant after COVID-1, but also place them steps ahead of others within the industry. 

“We’re excited about bringing Travech to the US and helping more operators solve their quoting problems,” Mr Crown said. “A common problem with many charter operators is that they spend more time watching quotes they’ve completed not convert to a sale.

“Travech reduces the time spent on quoting. What could take up to three to four hours or even a day in quoting, can be completed in under a few minutes, using Travech,” he said. 

“This is exciting and crucial for operators because essentially it means they’re increasing their conversion rate using a software that’s also highly accurate compared to manual quoting.” 

Mjet Australia CEO Mark Pugliese, an operator currently using Travech, said, “I started using Monarc Global’s Travech software as a trial recently, and I’m very impressed with the accuracy of the quoting software. 

“Compared to other quotes, Travech has given me the confidence to be able to improve my business as I transition from my brokerage service to an operator for immediate and accurate results. It’s just so simple to use and won’t have to wait hours for return of quotes. I look forward to growing my business with them.” 

Monarc Global​ is launching Travech in the US in the next month, utilising an office based in Texas and their head office in Brisbane, Australia.

“With restrictions now easing, we’re ready to launch Travech into the US and help operators to find better solutions for their business,” Mr Crown said.

“Some may be skeptical about launching into a foreign country during such times, but I think now is a better time than never. Operators are using this time during COVID-19 to explore and implement new ways to do business.”


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