MOOV platform opens vehicle doors for SMEs

ORIX Australia Corporation (ORIX) has launched an online platform that aims to help small and medium businesses to select their vehicles more effectively – and make vehicle leasing and financing faster, easier and more secure.

According to ORIX, the new platform, MOOV, enables Australian SMEs to view and compare vehicle specifications and costs, see financing options at a glance, and order the vehicle. 

“Australia is home to 2.1 million SMEs and sole traders, many of which need a simple and reliable way to acquire vehicles,” ORIX Australia Business Solutions general manager Mary Moran said.

“MOOV was created specifically for those companies as they simply don’t have the time to visit dealers to compare vehicles or wait in call centre queues to discuss available financing options.

“By moving the entire process online, SMEs can reduce the hassle involved in the traditional vehicle buying process, while benefiting from ORIX’s fleet expertise and nationwide fleet-buying power.”

MOOV provides a range of financing options including finance lease, operating lease, business vehicle loan or buying outright.

Ms Moran said an advantage of leasing was it provided SMEs with cash flow predictability “and may free up capital that can be better invested elsewhere in the business”.

Regardless of the financing option selected, she said, associated vehicle related expenses, such as fuel, tolls and scheduled maintenance, can be bundled together with the lease payments into a single monthly itemised invoice for convenience and transparency.

“We want to provide a more efficient experience for all of our SME customers,” Ms Moran said.

“Recent news of tightening credit conditions may lead them to consider financing options beyond traditional sources. The flexibility of our MOOV platform, backed with our expertise in fleet solutions, provides SMEs with an easy and transparent way to explore flexible financing options to meet tomorrow’s challenges, which for many SMEs, includes a thorough revaluation of what mobility actually means to their business. 

“SMEs can now do this all online at their leisure, wherever they are, reducing common frustrations with acquiring a vehicle.” 

ORIX Australia is part of the New York Stock exchange-listed ORIX group, a global diversified financial services organization. In the Asia Pacific region, ORIX is reportedly one of the largest fleet management operations through its OneView customer portal which offers vehicle pooling and telematics platforms, assisting businesses to get more value from their vehicles and better managing the evolving risks of a mobile workforce.


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