Australian Copyright Council March Webinars - Final Week: GLAM sector


The last week of our March webinar series begins next week!

All webinar sessions are facilitated and presented by ACC lawyers and other copyright professionals who break down Australian copyright law into practical, one-hour sessions.

Week two webinar schedule:

Copyright Fundamentals repeat - Monday 25 March 2024 1-2pm AEDT

This is a repeat session of the webinar on 18 March 2024.

Topics include:

  • What is copyright and what does it protect.

  • Copyright ownership, duration, exclusive rights of copyright owners, and infringement.

  • Exceptions to copyright infringement and risk management.

  • Moral rights of creators and moral rights infringement.

*Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums: Your Collection -

Tuesday 26 March 2024 1-2pm AEDT

Topics include:

  • Copyright issues around acquisitions and donations to your institution’s collection.

  • The Copyright Act provisions that allow you to digitise your collection.

  • Issues and limitations around the use of your collection on websites, in social media, advertising and merchandising.

  • Working with electronic subscriptions agreements.

*Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums: Your Visitors -

Wednesday 27 March 2024 1-2pm AEDT

Topics include:

  • Using copyright exceptions to create and supply copies of copyright material to your clients and your visitors.

  • Electronic lending and copyright.

  • What are the copyright issues around holding exhibitions, film screenings, Storytime, and other public activities.

*Using and Making Content - Thursday 28 March 2024 1-2pm AEDT

Topics include:

  • Ownership and protection of copyright material.

  • Licensing vs selling/buying copyright material.

  • When/how to get permission.

  • Social media terms and conditions.

  • Notice and takedown tools.

  • Risk management.

Single sessions: $100.00 

Get a 10% discount when you buy multiple sessions!

* Knowledge from Copyright Fundamentals is assumed for each session.

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