Hellyers Road whisky welcomes back 'an old friend'

RENOWNED Australian whiskey distiller Hellyers Road, Tasmania's reigning Regional Exporter of the Year, has recovered from the sudden success of its Original 12 Year Single Malt, which cleaned out stocks within 18 months, to bring out its successive release.

According to Hellyers Road’s master distiller, Mark Little, the cyclical  of single malt whisky production is one of the nuances that make the category so intriguing and unique.  

"Arguably, there would not be a distillery in the world that can guarantee an infinite supply of a particular skew, given the fact these whiskies take years to mature and, once released, consumer demand can quickly usurp any forecasts around long-term supply," Mr Little said.

Such was the case with Hellyers Road’s Original 12 Year single malt. First taken to market in 2014, its quality and keen pricing soon found strong market favour with available stocks gobbled up within 18 months of release.

Mr Littler said the distillery was taken by surprise at how quickly the release became fully allocated but the latest news is good in that a new batch of Original 12 year is available with market interest already very keen.

“We have in excess of 3000 700ml bottles available in the current batch and will have more 12 year stock coming on line for bottling in 2021 which is really exciting," Mr Little said. "Our oldest whiskies are now approaching 20 years of age and are reserved for ultra-premium single cask releases however we are thrilled, to again be able to offer this lovely core range 12 year single malt which was so popular previously."

Mr Little said Hellyers Road Original 12 Year carries the typical citrus and vanilla tones of the distillery’s Original flavour profile whiskies but age has added a new dimension to the character and body. Its rich brassy colour gives rise to a mouthfeel that exudes an oily sweetness, tinged with shavings of citrus peel poking through. The finish is calming and long, with vanilla evident, he said.



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