TechSafe Aviation formed to mitigate mining charter flight risks

INCREASING use of charter flights in the mining industry has been the impetus for the formation of TechSafe Aviation, which is a specialist in aviation risk management strategies.

TechSafe Aviation, formed by parent company Adagold Aviation, is headed up by former Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) senior executive Rob Collins – who has lately been in demand for comment on theories relating to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 – and aviation consultant Mike Horneman. 

Mr Collins has more than 35 years experience in aviation management and safety, while Mr Horneman has 50 years experience as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, flight engineer, airline pilot and in safety regulation administration in Australia and Indonesia.

“Companies in the mining and resources industry are leaders of risk management,” Mr Collins said. “The duty of care extends to more than just the factory floor – it reaches far underground and high in the sky.

“There are already countless workplace health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures in place across mining operations and as more companies see the value in charter flights, these risk management strategies need to adapt to include air travel.

“Senior executives know that it’s about setting and maintaining a culture which has no tolerance to unsafe practises.”

Mr Collins said TechSafe Aviation can help analyse, audit and improve systems and policies for all aviation work.

“Our job is to make sure all risk management systems and policies are clear, coherent and the process is simplified,” Mr Collins said.

“Our aim is to be the leading global provider of all aviation safety, technical and compliance solutions.”

Mr Collins said TechSafe Aviation could develop an aviation standard and policy suitable for any company along the air travel supply chain.

“We also provide training from the ground up, so that every member of the company is across the safety policy,” he said.

“It includes a risk-based methodology to ensure that the policy provides the lowest possible risk for staff travel needs.

“We have hands-on experience at all levels of aviation operations within Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Europe and many other South East Asian countries.

“We have experience ranging from small single engine aircraft to the largest multi-engine intercontinental jets and helicopters.”

Mr Collins said the objective was to offer customers a tailored ‘virtual aviation department’ covering all their aviation requirements.

“It’s about providing risk mitigation, operational oversight and cost controls to ensure that the customer meets not only its health and safety obligations but delivers the services in the most cost effective manner,” Mr Collins said.



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