Permaclean revolutionises cooling tower technology

Queensland-based company Permaclean is doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint and costs associated with cooling tower water treatment through its innovative electrostatic/ultraviolet technology.

Operations Manager Bob Hambly said while the technology was relatively new to Australia, it offered many benefits over traditional treatment methods.


"The industry is currently controlled predominantly by chemical treatment companies, but in this day and age it is an outdated practice and the long term future of water treatment lies with alternative processes of which electrostatic/ultraviolet treatment is leading the field," Mr Hambly said.

"Not only is our technology safer and more environmentally responsible, but companies will make huge savings from lower electricity and water costs, not to mention removing the occupational health and safety problems involved with storing chemicals."

A recent study in the United States by McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals found that a combination of water and electricity savings combined with the elimination of chemical purchases equated to an annual saving of over $20,000 from an average sized plant.

According to Mr Hambly, the main issues encountered in cooling tower systems are the formation of scale and biofilm which act as insulators, reducing the system's effectiveness and increasing the energy used.

"Water use is also a big issue in this day and age and a recent comparison on water use within a retail/office high rise on the Gold Coast showed a reduction of 560,736 litres in 12 months by using electrostatic/ultraviolet technology, compared to the previous year. This represented a 17 percent reduction in water consumption," he said.

"Permaclean can also introduce the use of reverse osmosis technology which has been proven to reduce water use by a further 20-25 percent."

There is a broad spectrum of industries currently using Permaclean's non-chemical water treatment including high-rise buildings, universities, shopping centres as well as the alcohol and fruit juice industry.

"As our environment becomes more of an issue, it becomes increasingly important for companies to start making ecologically responsible choices," Mr Hambly said.

"We are very concerned with the issue of water preservation and reducing carbon emissions and encourage business to take the necessary steps towards safer and more cost effective water treatment.

"We are proud to be a world leader in water treatment technology and while many Queensland businesses have been benefiting from electrostatic technology for the past ten years we hope to see many more businesses embrace its use in the future."

Permaclean has received support from government agencies for its proactive approach to green technology and hopes industry will appreciate its benefits for the future.

Mr Hambly said being a member of the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) helped drive Permaclean's technology further and make people more aware about alternative practices.

"Being involved with the ATS provides us with the exposure to potential customers and allow us the opportunity to get our product out there," he said.


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