Personal branding: an emerging new economy says Perlinski

DAIS director and author of BrandMe, Jack Perlinski is witnessing the interesting ascension of personal brand development over and above corporate branding.

“Building a brand was once reserved for businesses and corporates,” Mr Perlinski said. “Today, more and more people are building personal brands, giving themselves and the companies they work for a real competitive advantage.” 

Mr Perlinski, whose company DAIS has specialised in corporate branding for many years, said there were many reasons for this shift in the modern business world.

“Our Gen Xs and Ys have a genuine appetite for fame: not necessarily a superstar kind of fame, but the kind of fame that comes from excelling socially and in life amongst the broader community,” Mr Perlinski said.

“Personal branding has just become the next competitive advantage building economy.”

From experience, he has identified three brand-building types: the career builder is crafting a profile in the early stages; the authority builder is expanding on an established career; and the legacy builder is consolidating what they have to ‘give back’ and create a legacy that they want to be remembered for.

“Developing a personal brand provides a true understanding of ‘who you are’ and clarity around ‘who you want to be’. It taps into your personal passions and ignites potential,” Mr Perlinski said.

“It’s a case of find, shape, build and then become your brand. People who do it live their brand 24/7 to reach goals and to deliver an unbeatable performance in every aspect of their life.”

While individuals are certainly investing in building their own personal brand, businesses are too, Mr Perlinski said.

“They are building the personal brands of their employees – their leaders and teams – in order to inspire them to work their passion, think differently about who they are, and connect these insights to what they do.

“Those who are investing to leverage the power of their people are reaping many tangible benefits, proving the return on investment pays dividends.”

DAIS is an industry expert member of NSW Leaders and DAIS is a graduate member of Queensland Leaders, since stepping up to support the Leaders organisations and help the next generation of leading Australian companies to develop.

Among other leading organisations, DAIS developed the brand strategy for Brisane-based International Leaders, the umbrella organisation for Queensland, NSW and Victorian Leaders, with New Zealand Leaders also set to launch.




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