New inquiry - Australia’s local government sustainability

THE House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Development, Infrastructure and Transport will examine local government sustainability in a new inquiry launched today.

Chair of the Committee, Luke Gosling OAM, MP, said, "The committee has prioritised a deeper understanding of local government financial sustainability and funding frameworks, alongside the changing infrastructure requirements and service delivery obligations for local governments.

"Local government sustainability is essential to supporting our Australian communities through the provision of vital infrastructure and related services. The committee is seeking to understand the challenges faced by local governments in servicing infrastructure requirements across Australia’s regional, rural, and remote locations."

Mr Gosling further emphasised, "The committee is aware of significant public infrastructure workforce shortages, particularly in local government areas, and the importance of promoting skills development and job security for Australians.

"The committee will examine labour hire and retention trends, including the impacts of labour hire practices, to identify barriers and opportunities to support our local workforce and local government sustainability and service delivery obligations."

The committee welcomes submissions from interested organisations and individuals by May 3, 2024.

Further information on the inquiry, including the terms of reference and how to contribute, is available on the Committee’s website.



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