Treaties Committee recommends ratification of Amendments to the Annex of the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic

THE Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has tabled a report recommending the ratification of the Amendments to the Annex of the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, 1965 (FAL Convention Amendments).

The FAL Convention facilitates international maritime traffic and prevents unnecessary delays, aids cooperation between governments and secures uniformity, to the highest practicable degree in maritime procedures and formalities. The Annex to the Convention contains Standards and Recommended Practices on formalities, documentary requirements and procedures for the arrival, stay or departure of ships. The Annex also contains implementation procedures and appendices with additional information.

The Amendments to the Annex cover topics such as definitions and general provisions, illicit activities, digitalisation of vessel reporting requirements, identification, treatment of stowaways, public health, and implementation.

Committee Chair Josh Wilson MP said, "As a signatory to the original treaty, the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, Australia is a strong supporter of ensuring the streamlining and simplification of maritime traffic.

"The FAL Convention ensures that there is a standard, consistent, harmonised approach to maritime traffic around the world. Cooperation between governments on these issues is important in ensuring international standards and that Australia is in alignment with those standards," Mr Wilson said.

The committee noted the support of the government and from industry for the treaty.

The committee supported ratification and recommended that binding treaty action be taken.

The report can be found on the Committee website, along with further information on the inquiry.



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