Intelligence and Security Committee supports AFP counter-terrorism powers Bill

THE Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) today presented its Advisory Report on the Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023.

The bill would extend the operation of various Australian Federal Police powers relating to terrorism for a further three years to December 2026. This includes the stop, search and seizure powers; control orders; and preventative detention orders. The Bill would also amend some conditions for the use of these powers.

The bill would also extend the operation of Commonwealth secrecy offences for 12 months to December 2024, pending a government review of secrecy provisions.

The committee recommended the inclusion of further amendments to the bill proposed by government, which would introduce a post-entry warrant regime, and following implementation of that recommendation, that the bill be passed by Parliament.

PJCIS Chair Peter Khalil MP said, “The committee supports measures that provide law enforcement the tools they need to protect the community from the threat of terrorism, and looks forward to considering these powers further in its review of Division 105A of the Criminal Code.”

Further information on the inquiry as well as a copy of the report can be obtained from the Committee’s website.



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