PJCIS to review military secrets legislation

THE Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) has commenced a review of the Defence Amendment (Safeguarding Australia’s Military Secrets) Bill 2023.

The Bill would amend the Defence Act 1903 to regulate the work that certain former defence staff members can perform for or on behalf of a military organisation or government body of a relevant foreign country, without a foreign work authorisation. The Bill also regulates the training that Australian citizens and permanent residents may provide to relevant foreign militaries or governments without a foreign work authorisation.

The Minister has the power to grant foreign work authorisations and to refuse, cancel, suspend or vary them.

‘Relevant foreign countries’ are any countries not excluded by the Minister in a legislative instrument.

Peter Khalil MP, Chair of the PJCIS, said, “Reviewing legislation is an important aspect of the PJCIS’ role and the committee will look at the Military Secrets Bill to ensure that it appropriately deals with the potential of former defence staff members revealing sensitive defence information and placing Australia’s national security at risk.”

Submissions are invited by Thursday November 16, 2023. The committee encourages concise submissions. Correspondence addressing individuals’ security clearance issues will not be accepted as submissions to this inquiry.

Further information on the inquiry can be obtained from the Committee’s website.



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