Intelligence and Security Committee recommends passage of the IGIS Modernisation Bill

THE Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) today presented its Advisory Report on the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Modernisation) Bill 2022.

The report considers the operation and effectiveness of the amendments proposed by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Modernisation) Bill 2022. The Committee recommended the Bill be passed following the implementation of the four remaining recommendations.

The committee considered that information sharing provisions between the IGIS and the committee could be improved and recommended that opportunities to improve information sharing should be pursued. The committee also recommended that an individual’s eligibility for appointment to the role of Inspector-General should occur after an appropriate period of time to be determined by the government, following the individual’s employment in an intelligence agency.

The remaining recommendations provide that the Office of National Intelligence develop an employment framework for staff engaged under their Act, and an amendment to the Bill to ensure consistency between integrity bodies’ legislation.

Committee Chair Peter Khalil MP said: ‘The committee supports improvements that allow the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security to effectively oversee Australia’s intelligence agencies."

Further information on the inquiry as well as a copy of the report can be obtained from the Committee’s website.



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