New safety laws for food delivery riders start today in NSW

SAFEWORK NSW is now reminding food delivery riders if they do not adhere to the new safety laws that begin today it could prove costly for them.

Acting head of SafeWork, John Tansey said from today all food delivery riders must wear high-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) and carry their training verification record or risk being fined.

“We made a major step to improve safety for riders on 1 July last year, when it became law for food delivery booking providers to supply their riders with PPE,” Mr Tansey said.

“Today it becomes law for riders to wear the supplied PPE, which is a high visibility vest and food bag and carry a training verification record. Riders found to not be wearing their PPE will be hit with a $144 fine for each offence.

“We now have the strongest safety environment for food delivery platforms and riders anywhere in the world and will continue to work with industry to ensure a culture where people and safety comes first.”

Safework NSW advised that from today all riders:

  • Will be legally required to use or wear the PPE that has been provided to them while delivering food or drink.
  • Must produce their training record if requested by a SafeWork NSW Inspector or NSW police officer.
  • Penalties and fines will apply to platforms and riders who cannot show they have met these requirements.

For further information visit the SafeWork NSW food delivery industry page:,-postal-and-warehousing/food-delivery-industry



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