End of Jobs Summit heralds start of decade-long program of work says CPA Australia

THE jobs and skills shortage could take a decade to fully resolve, according to Australia’s leading professional accounting organisation, CPA Australia. But this week’s Jobs and Skills Summit has delivered quick wins which could deliver rapid relief for businesses crippled by employee shortages.

“The jobs and skills shortage was decades in the making and will take years to unwind,” said CPA Australia CEO Andrew Hunter. “But the government now has momentum on its side and we are excited to see action on short-term wins.

“Our message to the government is don’t let this momentum go to waste. Continue to deliver meaningful relief to businesses where possible and get to work on the longer-term challenge of future-proofing Australia’s workforce.

“We want to see more concrete initiatives included in the October Budget. Longer term, the White Paper will help us map our way out of this crisis.

“We can’t navigate out of this problem overnight. But we shouldn’t keep the handbrake on while we plan the second half of the journey. The Summit took us closer to a solution; now is the time for action.”

CPA Australia is rating the Summit as a success, after participating in multiple roundtable meetings and consultations with government ahead of the two-day forum. Several of the organisation’s key asks have been implemented, including a focus on improving visa processing timelines and lifting the permanent migration cap.

“We have been very encouraged by the shift towards consensus building and collaboration," Mr Hyunter said. "The Summit focused some of Australia’s leading experts on a topic of great economic importance.”

Now that the Summit is done, CPA Australia is pleased steps towards increasing migration have been taken but says increasing the skilled migration cap alone isn’t sufficient to solve the challenges.

“Australia is in a war for talent against many other countries who are also experiencing a skills shortage. We need to ensure we are as attractive as possible to new migrants.

“We are also asking for a focus on skilling up Australians into the future, including a rethink of how we attract young people to professions struggling with shortages.

“We look forward to continuing to work with and advise the government on solutions to the skills crisis.”

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