Stars back electrification to smash emissions and power bills.

TOP AUSSIE sports stars and entertainers have added their voice -- literally -- to the push to electrify our homes and vehicles to slash carbon emissions and demolish energy bills.

A group of nine high-profile Aussies have narrated a chapter each of The Big Switch, Saul Griffith’s blueprint for decarbonising our homes and vehicles. The audiobook is available through Spotify and on the Rewiring Australia website.

Those participating include cricket stars Rachael Haynes and Pat Cummins, AFL aces Tom Hickey and Nicola Barr, rugby champ Alicia Lucas, professional surfer Ace Buchan, actress Yael Stone, and former Australian Greens leader, Christine Milne.

The Big Switch shows how Australia can make the most of its abundance of solar energy to create zero emission towns and suburbs by swapping out fossil fuel devices like gas cooktops, gas hot water, gas heating and combustion engine cars with electrified versions such as induction stoves, electric space heating and electric vehicles.

Dr Griffith, who has advised the White House, partnered on projects with NASA and sold tech companies to Google, thanked everyone involved.

“Decarbonising our homes and suburbs is not rocket science. We have all the technology available. All it really requires is some practical Aussie knowledge and a bit of elbow grease to get the job done," Dr Griffith said.

“By electrifying our homes and vehicles we can smash carbon emissions while we demolish household energy bills.

“We need to jump on this opportunity now. Whoever wins the election on Saturday night needs to start grappling with this challenge on Monday morning, but they need to see the upside as well.

“The future looks like cleaner air, healthier kids, more high viz, tradie jobs and much cheaper energy bills for Australian homes.

"These Australian sports stars, entertainers and leaders want Australia to lead on climate, to take the steps now that lower home energy bills for all Australians and create an abundant future for our communities. ”


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