FWC appointment welcome but more needed says AMMA

Australian Resources and Energy Group,  AMMA has welcomed the appointment of Paul Schneider to the Fair Work Commission FWC), announced this morning by Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations Michaelia Cash.

"Mr Schneider is well known and widely respected within Western Australia's industrial relations community," AMMA chief executive Steve Knott said.

"He brings significant experience from across the resources industry -- the powerhouse of Western Australia's economy -- and in particular the offshore and maritime support sectors where industrial relations can be both complex and challenging."
Mr Schneider's appointment as a Commissioner comes shortly after the news Deputy President Amanda Mansini will leave the FWC to assume her new appointment as Judge of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.
AMMA noted "with some concern" the FWC would remain as having 43 statutorily appointed members -- a historically low level of resourcing.
"The Morrison Government should very seriously consider additional appointments to the FWC prior to the 2022 Federal Election," Mr Knott said.
"When the ALP left office in September 2013 there were 46 tribunal members and Australia's labour force contained some 11.6 million people.
"Today the FWC has 43 members and the labour force contains approximately 13.4 million people.
"Not only is the FWC administering an employment system with 1.7 million additional users than when the ALP was last in office, but matters are increasing in both volume and complexity.
"This includes a raft of COVID-19 related workplace disputes that are swamping the commission currently and are only expected to grow.
"AMMA congratulates the Attorney-General for making a high quality FWC appointment today.
"It is AMMA's firm view that at least three more appointments would not only be well justified prior to the Election, but very necessary to maintain the functioning of the FWC."



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