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Queensland Resources Council has acknowledged passage of the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014 in the Parliament as a foundation for delivering a better system of planning for regional Queensland.

Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche said the Act is the culmination of more than a decade’s work by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney – both in opposition and in government.

"Jeff Seeney is passionate about maximising opportunities for regional Queensland communities," Mr Roche said.

"As a major driver of economic growth in regional Queensland, the minerals and energy sector welcomes this renewed focus on outcomes in terms of jobs, growth, opportunity and sustainable prosperity."

Mr Roche said that for the first time, Queensland has a system of regional plans focused on cooperation between compatible land uses. 

"While the Act creates new categories of land use priorities, the focus is on delivering practical and productive coexistence.

"The industries we represent see this as an opportunity to enhance their contribution to the government’s economic, social and environmental goals."

Mr Roche said the draft bill had benefited from intensive scrutiny by stakeholders and a multi-party Parliamentary Committee.

"The QRC’s submissions echoed suggestions made from stakeholders as diverse as the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, the Queensland Law Society and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation.

"Two aspects of this process came through with flying colours – the contribution of the Parliamentary Committee for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning chaired by MP David Gibson – and the Deputy Premier’s willingness to hear the views of all stakeholders," Mr Roche said.

The committee’s 22 recommendations generated 110 amendments to the final Act.

Mr Roche said that in tabling the Bill, the Deputy Premier provided draft regulations for public comment that will give detail to a regional planning vision.

"QRC members will embrace the opportunity to help develop this important step recognising that coexistence is the key to unlocking sustained prosperity for regional Queensland."



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