Creating the black box ‘fight’ recorder

AUSTRALIA is developing the equivalent of a ‘black box’ for combat soldiers, already dubbed the Fight Recorder.

In a collaboration between the Australian Defence Force and industry, the Federal Government is allocating $700,000 from the Next Generation Technologies Fund to two industry partners – Myriota and IMeasureU – who will fully develop the product.

Defence Industry Minister, Christopher Pyne said the Fight Recorder would be a soldier-worn system aimed at capturing valuable data on the battlefield, and would act as an emergency beacon to reduce the time taken to reach and treat battlefield casualties

“Survival rates for battlefield casualties are closely tied to response times and the Fight Recorder will enable Defence to quickly locate and treat casualties,” Mr Pyne said. 

“In addition to serving as a location beacon, the data captured by the Fight Recorder could be used to inform the design and performance of soldier equipment and protective wear.

“Start-up telecommunications company, Myriota and wearable technology company IMeasureU, were selected from 47 quality industry and university applicants from across Australia and New Zealand to develop the Fight Recorder.

“Defence will work closely with these companies to help deliver this world-first innovation. Once again our local small and medium enterprises have demonstrated they are well placed to deliver Defence innovation,” he said.

When fully developed, the Fight Recorder could provide benefits in other physically demanding occupations including emergency services and law enforcement.

The funding comes from the Next Generation Technologies Fund which complements the Defence Innovation Hub launched last year, as the core of the new Defence Innovation System outlined in the Defence Industry Policy Statement.

These two innovation research and development programs, together with the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, deliver on the Federal Government’s $1.6 billion commitment to grow Australia's defence industry and innovation sector, Mr Pyne said.


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