Eagle Boys slices pizza into Papua New Guinea

AUSTRALIAN-owned Eagle Boys Pizza launched in Papua New Guinea (PNG) this week, with a current plan for 13 stores around the country.

Eagle Boys mobile apps will be tailored to Papua New Guinea as well as India as the brand expands.

Eagle Boys has partnered with leading retail company, CPL Group, based in Port Moresby, PNG,  to bring Eagle Boys Pizza to the country and boost the international expansion of the brand, in the wake of an earlier agreement to develop in India.

The first store will open in Central Waigani, a suburb in Port Moresby, the country's capital city. A second store will open outside CPL Group's Stop and Shop supermarket in the city centre at the end of August, with 13 Eagle Boys stores in total to open across PNG in the next two years.

Eagle Boys Pizza, which in March announced its Master Franchise Agreement with the HBN Group in North India, was approached by a number of companies interested in partnering with Eagle Boys in the PNG venture.

Eagle Boys Pizza CEO Bruce Scott said CPL Group was chosen due to its retail strength and strong connections with local communities in PNG.

"CPL Group has been trading for close to 30 years and matched Eagle Boys' lengthy experience in the retail market," Mr Scott said. "Eagle Boys' expansion into the PNG market is the perfect opportunity to continue the network's growth internationally.

"We expect our relationship with CPL Group will be a long term business partnership benefiting both companies.

"The expansion to Papua New Guinea demonstrates that Eagle Boys is attractive to the foreign market with companies such as CPL Group committed to the brand's growth and development."

CPL Group has been operating in PNG since 1986 and is the country's biggest retail network.

CPL Group general manager for its Supermarket and Food Business, Michael Taylor said the decision to join with Eagle Boys was considered over two years.

"We recognised partnering with Eagle Boys was an excellent opportunity for CPL Group to continue its growth in the retail sector and Eagle Boys Pizza is a fantastic addition to our company's portfolio," Mr Taylor said.

"This opportunity uniting Eagle Boys and CPL Group ensures two world class companies are partnering to ensure successful results. Opening the Eagle Boys stores is also a great benefit for local communities in PNG and the country's economy."



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