Boxer Danny Green travels like a champion

REIGNING world champion boxer Danny Green certainly knows his way around the ring and now he is going into a travel business that aims to run rings around traditional package holiday companies.

Boxing champion Danny Green starts his own holiday packaging business.

After a stellar boxing career, Danny Green now a partner in  Champion Holidays, a new division of innovative travel company Ignite Travel Group.

While in many ways Mr Green sees the business as part of his post-boxing career, right now he is concentrating on his newest venture with the same level of intensity he usually reserves for his opponents.

"Everyone deserves a holiday, but I understand that it can be a massive part of a family's wage and budget," Mr Green said.

"For me, an investment that important has to guarantee value without compromising quality.

"I personally love travelling with my family and saw Champion Holidays as the perfect opportunity to use the knowledge and experience we have gathered exploring the world together to assist others in their travel endeavours.

"It's not a brand endorsement; this is about helping everyday Australians to take a break and enjoy quality time out with their family or friends in a new or favourite destination. We offer four and five star properties at an unbeatable price."

Champion Holidays aims to offer Australian outbound and national travellers affordable, packaged holidays to a selection of the world's most sought-after destinations.

For the moment, Mr Green's firm is concentrating on Fiji, Bali, Hawaii, Thailand and Queensland, bundling airfares, accommodation and handpicked bonus extras for clients.

According to Randall Deer - founder and managing director of Ignite Travel Group, which is also the parent company of The Holiday Centre which ranked highly in the 2012 BRW Fast 100 list - Danny Green was the perfect fit for the venture.

"Danny has an amazing attitude to life and has achieved many triumphs. He is all about the people and making sure they get a fair go when it comes to taking a holiday," Mr Deer said.

"That's why we knew Danny and Champion Holidays would be a winner. He understands and appreciates the value of a great travel deal and our promise to deliver the best possible experience for every type of traveller."

As a professional athlete, Mr Green said he had been fortunate to travel the world as part of his career and he knew that when it came to booking a travel deal, "superior service and excellent value go a long way in delivering a great all round experience".

"I've tried and tested many travel products and a lot of research and hard work has been invested in Champion Holidays to ensure any deal offered by me, with my name on it, represents the best value in the market for the punters," Mt Green said.

"We don't want people to have to waste time shopping around for the best price or deal. It's not about the good, bad and the ugly - just the good. It may mean we market fewer deals than some competitors, but the deals we do offer will be top quality.

"I am thrilled to be working with Ignite Travel Group on this venture, which I believe represents a genuine deal with an attractive price tag that will result in a quality travel experience to some of my own favourite travel experiences worldwide."



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