RCL Accelerator BNE3 kicks off

AFTER months of organisation, interviewing and testing, River City Labs is kicking off its third RCL Accelerator – known as BNE3 – powered by muru-D.  

“We had so many solid applications. It was hard to narrow down but we've locked in 10 teams for this cohort,” River City Labs CEO Peta Ellis said. 

“This is the most rich and diverse cohort yet and our ‘entrepreneurs in residence’ (EIRs) Llew (Jury) and Mike (Knapp), are pumped and ready for an exciting six months,” Ms Ellis said. 

Mr Jury is the founder of Brisbane-based digital services agency Reload Business Group, while Mr Knapp is the co-founder of Shoes of Prey.

“To give all the teams that extra push we're lucky enough to have both muru-D Sydney EIR Ben Sand and Perth EIR Tim Brewer in town over the next few weeks sharing their wisdom.

“The first few weeks for us will be figuring out what this amazing journey looks like for the teams and we will be sure to reach out for subject matter experts along the way,” Ms Ellis said, calling for others to help where available.

The teams’ projects are being promoted through e-mail links and through social media.

The team cohorts for the River City Labs 2017 Accelerator Program, powered by Muru -D are:

1. Bidhive  A bid management platform supporting organisation’s ability to procure opportunities, manage access and assemble corporate knowledge and bid content.

2 . Carisma  Solving the communication hassle between auto vehicle owners and their mechanics, Carisma is a tool designed to build a car’s visual service history, to show where money is being spent through a visual log of the repair or service appointment.

3 . Creatively Squared  Connecting global brands with visual content creators. Creatively squared provides brands with affordable and customised content by connecting them with people that do it best.

4. Divvito  A shared parenting solution app, Divvito allows the transitioning of separation and divorce to take place in a manageable process. The app allows parents to keep track of shared expenses and school events. Divvito aims to ‘take the messy out of moving on’.

5. Flyfreely  In a world where the remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) industry can be complicated, Flyfreely is designed to streamline the end- to-end risk management for the entire drone operation. Flyfreely delivers on-demand insurance and risk mitigation strategies using a web portal and a smartphone app.

6. Games 4 Hearoes  Designed to enhance and assist in the rehabilitation for the hearing impaired, Games 4 Hearoes allows its users to rehabilitate through interactive auditory training.

7 .Kapiche  Some of the best companies (for example, CUA and Nissan) use Kapiche when it comes to data analysis from unstructured data. Kapishe draws information from online reviews and social media, into a readily understood format.

8 . Math Mate  Engaging students with complex mathematics is more important now than ever before with the trend into a STEM driven future. Math Mate develops innovative math interfaces to create this engagement.

9. Tyrestock  Solving the time consuming dilemmas of fitting tyres, Tyrestock offers tyre fitters a purchasing system to gather the stock of multiple suppliers with the assurance of buying at the right price.

10. Vygo  With an increasing dropout rate among university students, Vygo connects students with peers who have ‘been there, and done that’ when it comes to understanding the course structure, subjects and assignments.



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