Digital Marketplace platform should make it easier for businesses to work with government

THE Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, Angus Taylor has launched a Digital Marketplace platform, which aims to make it easier for businesses to work with the Federal Government on technology projects.

Mr Taylor said the Digital Marketplace would provide "a richer and simpler environment for technology procurement and for businesses to provide specialist digital services to government".

"Government buyers can now publish briefs for requirements, suppliers can respond to those briefs and two-way collaboration can take place," Mr Taylor said. 

In March this year, the Digital Transformation Office ran an open tender process asking businesses to join a Digital Service Professionals panel. 
"As a result of this process, more than 220 digital service professionals can now be discovered on the Digital Marketplace," Mr Taylor said.
He said the Marketplace was simplifying what had been a bureaucratic process for businesses to access government technology work.
“This is an important change in the way government has traditionally done business. It’s a new platform for businesses and government to work together in a creative and flexible way.
"I congratulate the Digital Transformation Office on delivering the Beta product well ahead of schedule.”
Assistant Minister Taylor encouraged SMEs as well as start-ups to get on board.
Another feature of the Marketplace will be to allow government buyers to launch challenges to solve digital business problems and for suppliers to pitch creative ideas to solve these problems. This will allow government to create blue sky thinking opportunities, giving businesses the chance to develop innovative digital solutions for government.
The Digital Marketplace will also use analytics, allowing buyers and sellers to be rated on performance and the process and outcomes to be continually improved. It is an example of simpler, clearer and faster public services that will benefit businesses and the whole community, Mr Taylor said.
The Digital Transformation Office is developing the Digital Marketplace as part of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.
Businesses seeking further information on the Digital Marketplace can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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