Easier flying in to US market

AUSTRALIA’s aviation industry – including manufacturers and service companies – now has easier and cheaper access to the lucrative United States aviation market, after the signing of amendments to the bilateral aviation agreement.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said the amendments would be a significant benefit to Australian aviation parts and products designers and manufacturers. Mr Chester said the changes would also benefit Australian companies and individuals who export aircraft and aircraft products to the US.

“There are more than 40 Australian aviation design organisations and more than 80 aviation production organisations that will have lower costs and less red tape when exporting to the US market,” Mr Chester said.

“A range of Australian design and manufacturing approvals will now be accepted in the US without the need for additional and sometimes costly work.

“People and organisations wanting to sell their aircraft into the US should have fewer regulatory hurdles to contend with.

“These amendments save money and streamline regulatory requirements without in any way compromising safety standards.

“I know that many large and small aviation organisations have been eagerly awaiting these changes so they can make greater inroads into the huge US aviation market.”

The amendments have been made to the Implementation Procedures on Airworthiness made under the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between Australian and the US.



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