ONE of Australia’s most popular Australian motor racing teams, Walkinshaw Andretti United, has donated an inspirational package to raise funds for those affected in the current bushfire crisis.

The Melbourne-based race team will put to auction their six crew and two racing suits from the 2020 racing season, along with the winning bidders name or company inside driver Chaz Mostert’s car, and a weekend at this year’s Bathurst 1000 with the team. 

“We are honoured to be able to donate such a unique experience to the Lloyds Bushfire Relief Auction, with all of the proceeds going towards the Salvation Army,” Walkinshaw Andretti United co-team principal, Bruce Stewart said.

Lee Hames, chief operations officer at Lloyds Auctions, expressed his gratitude for the support from Walkinshaw Andretti United.

“We are blown away by this donation from the team at Walkinshaw, and we hope to raise a great amount of funds, with 100 percent of proceeds going towards the Salvation Army.

“This item is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we highly encourage all of those race car fans out there, who are able, to jump on and bid to help support our fellow Australians in need during this tough time,” Mr Hames said.

Walkinshaw Andretti United’s ultimate experience, going under the hammer, is just one of many enticing items on offer, with a series of Lloyds auctions to come over the coming weeks, potentially raising millions of dollars.

“We are still continuing to receive items, it has not slowed down, the phones are ringing,” Mr Hames said.

“We are very grateful for support we have received from the community, businesses and celebrities. We are continuing to process more items on the website every day and we are looking forward to raising funds to support those in need right now.” he said.

“As these unprecedented bushfires tear through Australia, we want to help as many fire-affected lives as possible.” 

Bidding for the Bushfire Relief Charity Auction is now live at and items to add to the auction, such as rare items or experiences people can bid on, call Lloyds on 1800 456 588.


THE WORLD’s most luxurious automotive marque, Rolls-Royce, has landed in Brisbane, capping off a year of successful expansion Australia-wide – and unveiling two unique models.

The first Rolls-Royce Motor Cars showroom in Newstead has a breathtaking luxury retail and hospitality presentation, with a bespoke full-service customer lounge and lifestyle-themed settings that feature – of course – Rolls-Royce leather, paint and wood veneer samples and a vehicle configurator system.

This showroom was launched on December 11, providing Australia’s first look at a new generation Black Badge Cullinan grand luxury sports-utility vehicle (SUV) and Australia’s only Phantom Extended Wheelbase with Privacy Suite.  

The showroom opening has capped off cap a successful year for Rolls-Royce in Australia, marked by an expansion drive that has included the company’s first SUV, its Black Badge ‘alter-ego’ sibling and demand for its Bespoke Collection models such as Wraith Eagle VIII. 

Asia Pacific regional director Paul Harris, and Asia Pacific regional sales manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Ian Grant, presided over the launch, together with dealer principal Rob Thomson and brand manager Andrew Jackson, along with the executive team from Rolls- Royce Motor Cars Brisbane.

Speaking at the press conference on the day of the unveiling Mr Harris said, “We regard Brisbane as a new luxury destination hotspot that has become an increasingly attractive residence for our customers. It now competes with some of the world’s wealthiest cities as a most desirable place to live and work.

“With this new lifestyle-themed facility, and a highly contemporary and appealing range of Rolls-Royce models like Phantom, Cullinan, Wraith, Dawn and our Black Badge range, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Brisbane is well-poised to tap on the growing demand for super- luxury goods. Brisbane provides a platform to showcase the brand to both established and new patrons while serving as a sales and service hub to the rest of Queensland.” 


Queensland Rolls-Royce owners now have a new home in Brisbane with the showroom, strategically located along Breakfast Creek Rd in Newstead. This is in the heart of Brisbane’s strip of luxury, exotic and sports cars brands.

Dealer principal Rob Thomson said the new Rolls-Royce Brisbane hub is housed in a purpose built, innovative space, the new facility representing “the new pinnacle of luxury retail in Brisbane”. There is a ground-floor car showcase, an intimate three-car display space in a beautiful first-floor showroom, undercover customer parking as well as 15 long-term car storage spaces exclusively for customers.

He said the dealership, with 300sqm of floorspace, provided an elevated focus on the customer and features lifestyle-themed elements in the Bespoke lounge “to match the chic burgeoning sophistication of the city perfectly”. 

A Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ownership Services Centre is also located nearby, where a highly experienced, Rolls-Royce trained team ensures fast, accurate servicing and maintenance with three dedicated service bays for Rolls-Royce motor cars. 

The launch of the Brisbane showroom featured the first public showing of the Black Badge Cullinan in Australia, as well as the brand’s flagship, Australia’s only Extended Wheelbase Phantom with Privacy Suite.  

“Cementing Brisbane’s coming of age, particularly in the super-luxury sector, the Newstead showroom represents an exciting new chapter for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars,” said sales manager Ian Grant.

“This is exactly why we chose to debut two of our most unique motor cars at the new showroom launch.”

To celebrate the launch, the dealership created an evening of cocktail and canapés for customers, curated by chef Josue Lopez of hatted restaurant The Wolfe, an interactive luxury pop- up for guests to explore by luxury partner Paspaley and a unique performance with DJ duo Midnight Tango and OperaQ together.

Guests had ample opportunity to experience the latest model in the Rolls-Royce range on show.  The new Brisbane showroom completes a quartet of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ authorised showrooms in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


Guests at the launch were among the first in Australia to experience the Black Badge Cullinan.

Black Badge reflects the desires of a distinct group of Rolls-Royce clients: men and women who take risks, break rules and build success on their own terms. The new Black Badge Cullinan completes the ‘family’ of Rolls-Royce motor cars, defining taste patterns of a new generation of super-luxury consumer. Its 6.75-litre V12 engine delivers increased power (600PS) – instead of horsepower, Rolls-Royce today uses the equivalent term PS, which stands for Pferdestrke (literally, ‘horse strength’) – and torque (900Nm) over the standard model and has a re-engineered drivetrain and chassis for enhanced dynamic performance.

The company said the Black Badge Cullinan has been introduced as the “darkest, most urban expression of the range yet, representing the first time the marque’s proprietary Architecture of Luxury (bespoke spaceframe aluminium chassis) has undergone the Black Badge treatment. The new model is aptly named ‘King of the Night’. Created to satisfy overwhelming demand from younger, more adventurous clients, Cullinan in its silver badge guise was launched to global acclaim in 2018, immediately becoming the world’s pinnacle super-luxury SUV. Combining luxury in its purest form with genuine practicality and off-road capability, Cullinan unequivocally delivered on the promise of an experience that is described by the company as ‘Effortless, Everywhere’.” 

The Phantom Extended Wheelbase with Privacy Suite, part of the Phantom VIII range, represents a wholly new, contemporary design interpretation and is the flagship for Rolls-Royce worldwide. And it also comes with a whole lot of branded superlatives from Rolls-Royce, such as:

“It’s bespoke, aluminium ‘Architecture of Luxury’ helps deliver a whole new level of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ because it is lighter, stiffer, quieter and more technologically advanced. ‘The Embrace’ enhances the sense of occasion and effortlessness of entry into Phantom’s ‘Suite’. The super luxury cabin, 220mm longer than the standard model, re-defines Rolls-Royce comfort and refinement inside – already the benchmark for any mode of conveyance. A world’s first – ‘The Gallery’ – is an unprecedented new concept in luxury that reinterprets the motor car’s dashboard for the first time in 100 years.

“Rolls-Royce patrons are able to commission a truly individual work of art that spans the width of The Gallery in their New Phantom. The Privacy Suite, only available on the Extended Wheelbase Phantom, is an innovation that provides unrivalled levels of privacy and luxury. The ‘Magic Carpet ride’ is further enhanced by an effortless 6.75 litre twin-turbo V12 engine making Phantom the most silent and technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever.”


TWO AUSTRALIAN-BASED online platforms in the automotive industry, Dealer Trade Holdings Limited and CarRecord Limited and their subsidiaries, are being offered for sale. The founding shareholders said they were seeking to "leverage opportunities for continued expansion of the successful platforms in Australia and the key USA and UK markets".

Dealer Trade Holdings is an unlisted public company headquartered in Brisbane, completing a product expansion into the United Kingdom in 2017 and with the launch of CarRecord in the United States in July 2018.

“The opportunity for growth in these markets is substantial,” Dealer Trade Holdings chairman Jarrod Sierocki said. “We’ve enjoyed first mover advantages with our technology platforms in two auto markets which were ripe for disruption. 

“We agree that now is the time to seek a suitable buyer who will have the capacity and reach to be able to achieve significant market penetration on a global scale.”

The sale process is being managed by the company’s corporate advisor, KPMG's Sydney office.

Dealer Trade is a virtual wholesale vehicle auctioning platform exclusively for motor dealers, manufacturers and fleets. Through the app, wholesalers can immediately auction traded cars to other connected wholesalers in the market.

Mr Sierocki said it has over 60 percent of all motor dealers connected in Australia and was the first mover to digitally disrupt the traditional operating wholesale market of used cars. Launched in 2016, Dealer Trade has expanded to the UK and with plans underway to expand to the USA, along with discussions with global major auto manufacturers for direct dealership transactions.

In August this year, Dealer Trade announced a partnership with ŠKODA UK to provide their dealer network with a cost-effective online remarketing solution. This followed an earlier deal with LDV UK, one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicle brands.

CarRecord is an online platform which sources and collaborates vehicle history and data. It produces an instant automated comprehensive report based on multiple data sources including vehicle valuation (including odometer comparison), stolen and insurance checks and manufacturer recalls. Almost half of used vehicle buyers in Australia perform a background check.

Launched in Australia in 2016 and the US in 2018, CarRecord has plans to roll out in the UK in 2020.

In the US, CarRecord is one of only 10 approved National Motor Vehicle Title Information System data providers, a US Justice Department program to collaborate vehicle data. In Australia, the company has a reseller agreement with ebay-owned Gumtree, which has around 7,000 new vehicle listings per day. 


By Leon Gettler >>

IMAGINE parking your car with the assistance of software, web and apps and IoT (information of things) equipment that allows you detect the proximity of other vehicles, along with other services such as access controls and licence plate recognition.

It’s all designed to create a more frictionless parking experience through technology.

Welcome to the world of Parkable, a Deloitte Fast 50 winner, which provides staff parking solutions for enterprises and small businesses and a sharing economy-style public parking app. Parkable has also just entered the China market. 

Toby Littin, the CEO of the Auckland based company, said the aim was to create a better parking experience and better use of car park real estate.

And in China, that has become critical with its rising middle class.

“Car ownership has gone through the roof, we’re now seeing EV (electric vehicle) ownership going through the roof, and that’s led to a situation where there’s a shortage of car parking in certain areas that’s more extreme than we see in the western world which gives rise to a real need for technology-based solutions to help manage that,” Mr Littin told Talking Business.


The exciting part for Parkable is they have just entered China, one of the world’s biggest car parking markets. The company is based in Shanghai and spreading through some of China’s tier one cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Mr Littin said with the complex political and economic landscape of China, Parkable needed partners to get into the market.

It decided the best way to go was through a joint venture, so it teamed up with an investment group identified by its network. The investment group specialises in working with companies that want to introduce their technology into China.

It took Parkable 18 months to nail down that relationship.

“The thing in China is your success is hinged around the quality of your relationships,” Mr Littin said.

“The team up there have outstanding relationships into business and government and with the full complement of staff and supporting infrastructure, it really means we can get a head start on our ambitions up there.”


One of the most fascinating aspects of the China venture is that the country is now the leading market for electric vehicles, creating enormous opportunities for Parkable.

Mr Littin said the big issue in China, and one which will be replicated around the world, is that non-EV vehicles are sitting in EV parking spaces, which means EVs can’t get in there to charge the car.

Parkable creates a system that allows EVs to reserve their parking spots.

It is partnering with EV-charge manufacturers in China to make it all happen,

Mr Littin said Parkable was also looking to expand into Singapore, North America, the UK and Europe. 

“There’s 35 countries we’re keen to expand through,” he said. “We’re at number three so it’s still early days.”

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INTERNATIONAL interest in this weekend’s Gosford Classic Car Museum Auction has prompted the owner to bring home seven high value cars situated in the US to Australian soil.

With the massive amount of interest pouring in from Australian bidders, owner of the iconic Gosford Classic Car Museum has decided to bring home seven of his US-located prized possessions.

“It’s a very exciting moment for Australian bidders with further opportunity to own one of these dream classic cars,” Lloyds Auctions Chief Operations Officer Lee Hames said.

“Not only is this an important indication that the classic car market is extremely strong here in Australia but it means we are also seeing a shift in the popularity rising in American and especially European classics,” he said. 

Australian Formula 1 world champion Alan Jones, who is helping to promote the auction said,  “I’m very excited to know that the owner has brought these very special cars from overseas back to Australia. What an opportunity for car enthusiasts to see some extremely rare cars and have the chance to bid and potentially own one of these magnificent vehicles.

“Some feature cars include extremely rare Ford Mustangs, Ferraris and even a Rolls Royce,” Mr Jones said.

The newly added cars include a 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Rent-A-Racer, 1965 Ford GT40 RCR MK1 Tribute, 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE, 1959 Ferrari 250TR tribute, 1924 Rolls Royce Springfield Ghost, 1950 Alvis TB14 Roadster and a 1954 Swallow Doretti.

“There will be thousands of people showing up this weekend so we encourage everyone to jump online to get their free tickets with opportunity for upgrades for those who want the full experience,” Lloyds Mr Hames said.

The collection of over 200 cars, bikes and memorabilia located in a converted Bunning’s warehouse is described by many as a flawless collection. With the museum doors now closed, this auction represents the last chance for many car enthusiasts to see or own a part of this magnificent display.

With such a wide range of vehicles including luxury European, Eastern European, Australian, American and even classic motorcycles, Lloyds Auctions have been flooded with enquiries and inspections since the auction was published over a month ago.

There will be an online Gosford Memorabilia Auction on Saturday April 6 which will consist of over 100 rare and unique lots that have been on display in the museum alongside the immaculate vehicle collection. This memorabilia auction will be the preview to the main auction event of the vehicles and motorcycles going to auction on the Sunday.


The Gosford Classic Car Museum auction attracted a surge in bidding following the recent Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, where it was widely promoted.

“We were flooded with inspection bookings for these rare and pristine vehicles just after the Melbourne Grand Prix weekend on March 17, which confirms to us that there is very strong interest in these cars from people overseas,” Mr Hames said.

“The amount of registered bidders we have had from the United States and more particularly the United Kingdom has been incredible. We have seen hundreds of enquiries pour in over recent days.”

For motoring enthusiast and F1 world champion Alan Jones, the international interest from motor racing fans is not unexpected.

“It doesn’t surprise me that there is so much interest in these cars pouring in from overseas,” Mr Jones said.

 “Europeans in particular scour the globe for quality un-weathered cars and these vehicles are not only in immaculate condition but are unaffected by snow, salt and rust like in Europe,” he said.

Mr Hames said, “International bidders have been flying in to inspect these cars for purchase, so it will be an interesting auction to see where all of the cars ultimately end up.”

Multiple cars are expected to achieve seven-figures with enthusiasts anticipating the total collection could sell for in excess of $30 million. Many cars are already sitting at strong six-figure amounts.

A ticketing system has had to be implemented by Lloyds Auctions to ensure bidders and people who wish to take part in this once in a lifetime event are able to attend.

“The demand has been unprecedented from bidders and fans of the collection, with free ticket sales spiking as soon as we opened the system on our website and VIP ticket sales not far behind,” Mr Hames said.

“This impressive collection of classics is highly important to motoring enthusiasts and collectors and because there is such a wide range of cars from European, Australian and American classics we are expecting thousands of people to show up even more than the Brock Collection Auction we ran in October last year.”

Cars within the collection include an extensive range of classic and vintage cars and motorcycles such as European, Australian and American classic cars, featuring Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, Fords and Holdens. 

“This collection is one to never be forgotten, it is extremely special and admired by many collectors and enthusiasts out there including myself and I for one am very excited to be a part of this collections journey and passing on these cars to the next custodians,” Alan Jones  said, admitting he has a great passion for European classics and has been one of the museum’s biggest fans for many years.

The collection is open for bidding online and will go up for auction in a simulcast live and online event on the weekend of April 6-7.


BRISBANE-HEADQUARTERED  Tritium, a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging technology, has signed a deal to provide nine Veefil-RT 50kW DC fast chargers to Nissan, to help support the automaker’s sponsorship activities ahead of and during the UEFA Champions League final in Spain.

The nine chargers – which can add 50km of range in just 10 minutes – will make up part of the Nissan and UEFA operations hub at the IFEMA event centre during the lead-up to the final, alongside 20 AC 22kW chargers. 

The deal was announced by Tritium booth at the recent EVS32 Symposium in Lyon, France.

“The UEFA Champions League is a fantastic showcase for Nissan electric vehicles, and this year we will be doing more than ever to electrify the final in Madrid,” Nissan Zero Emission and Ecosystem director, Brice Fabry said. 

“Tritium are able to turn around a turnkey solution for charging infrastructure quickly, so we’re very happy to welcome them to the team.”

The Veefil-RT is said to offer the world’s smallest physical footprint for a 50kW DC fast charger and can be installed within hours. 

In addition, the chargers will be adapted to suit Nissan’s specific branding requirements for the event. 

“We have dedicated staff who worked closely with Nissan’s design team to develop the branding and imagery required to maximise Nissan’s visibility during the event, and each charger will sport these ‘skins’ throughout,” Tritium CEO David Finn said.

“Nissan has been synonymous with electric vehicles and the Nissan LEAF has pushed e-mobility to the forefront of the public consciousness. We look forward to helping Nissan stand out during their festivities throughout the week as they continue to drive the vision of an e-mobility future.”

At least two of the chargers will remain on-site following the final, with the remaining seven to be deployed by Nissan elsewhere in Spain.

Established in 2001 to provide power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications, Tritium became one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies with the launch of its first DC fast charger in 2014.  Since then, Tritium has become a leading global DC fast charging (DCFC) supplier with installations in more than 29 countries. 

Tritium currently holds around 50 percent of the world-leading market in Norway and around 15 percent of the wider global market for 50kW fast chargers.

Tritium customers include the NRMA, Chargefox,, EDF Lumins, Fortum, Grønn Kontakt, IONITY and Stromnetz and Tritium’s global headquarters and main manufacturing plant is in Brisbane.


ORIX Australia Corporation (ORIX) has launched an online platform that aims to help small and medium businesses to select their vehicles more effectively – and make vehicle leasing and financing faster, easier and more secure.

According to ORIX, the new platform, MOOV, enables Australian SMEs to view and compare vehicle specifications and costs, see financing options at a glance, and order the vehicle. 

“Australia is home to 2.1 million SMEs and sole traders, many of which need a simple and reliable way to acquire vehicles,” ORIX Australia Business Solutions general manager Mary Moran said.

“MOOV was created specifically for those companies as they simply don’t have the time to visit dealers to compare vehicles or wait in call centre queues to discuss available financing options.

“By moving the entire process online, SMEs can reduce the hassle involved in the traditional vehicle buying process, while benefiting from ORIX’s fleet expertise and nationwide fleet-buying power.”

MOOV provides a range of financing options including finance lease, operating lease, business vehicle loan or buying outright.

Ms Moran said an advantage of leasing was it provided SMEs with cash flow predictability “and may free up capital that can be better invested elsewhere in the business”.

Regardless of the financing option selected, she said, associated vehicle related expenses, such as fuel, tolls and scheduled maintenance, can be bundled together with the lease payments into a single monthly itemised invoice for convenience and transparency.

“We want to provide a more efficient experience for all of our SME customers,” Ms Moran said.

“Recent news of tightening credit conditions may lead them to consider financing options beyond traditional sources. The flexibility of our MOOV platform, backed with our expertise in fleet solutions, provides SMEs with an easy and transparent way to explore flexible financing options to meet tomorrow’s challenges, which for many SMEs, includes a thorough revaluation of what mobility actually means to their business. 

“SMEs can now do this all online at their leisure, wherever they are, reducing common frustrations with acquiring a vehicle.” 

ORIX Australia is part of the New York Stock exchange-listed ORIX group, a global diversified financial services organization. In the Asia Pacific region, ORIX is reportedly one of the largest fleet management operations through its OneView customer portal which offers vehicle pooling and telematics platforms, assisting businesses to get more value from their vehicles and better managing the evolving risks of a mobile workforce.


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