Future Leaders series launched by Victorian Leaders

FOLLOWING the successful launch of the Victorian Leaders program in late 2014, the organisation is accelerating its series to assist company founders of early-stage businesses: Future Leaders.

The Future Leaders Series is an eagerly anticipated adjunct to Victorian Leaders. 

“Companies selected for Future Leaders are earlier stage, have existing revenues, and are building a market leading brand, technology or skill base,” Victorian Leaders chief executive Robert Ford said.

“Each selected member participates in the Future Leaders Series, which provides the insights and skills to ensure the foundations of their businesses are sound, while developing the strategies and resources required to progress their opportunity.”

He said Victorian Leaders plans to select up to 16 leading company founders each year to become Future Leaders members. The program has been credited with accelerating the successful development of companies like RTO Management Group, Next Consulting and The Thinking Corporation when launched in Queensland.

 “The focus of the Future Leaders Series will include topics and themes surrounding leadership, management, corporate structure, culture and a variety of technical aspects that future leaders need to plan and build for future success.”

The Future Leaders initiative is operated in conjunction with Victorian Leaders’ Industry Experts and Industry Partners to provide a broad range of skills, knowledge and networks.

The Future Leaders Series operates a rolling 12 month program, with companies able to commence at quarterly intervals. This is followed by further access for two years to the Leaders Resource Centre.

“I encourage business leaders who are looking for that special additional guidance, links, and strategic financial planning to consider a Future Leaders membership with Victorian Leaders,” Mr Ford said.

Future Leaders Series eligibility requirements and nomination form is available online.




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