The ATO has recently published guidance on when compulsory superannuation has to be paid on annual leave loading. Relying on public guidance, many businesses have self-assessed on the basis that compulsory superannuation does not need to be paid on annual leave loading.

However, as the ATO’s recent guidance makes clear, it depends on the circumstances of the business and the reason for the payment of annual leave loading. We have been helping a number of clients determine whether they have an exposure to superannuation guarantee charge, interest and penalties, and if so, how to deal with it.

In this seminar, our tax partner Fletch Heinemann will work through the provisions and practical examples so that you will leave knowing:

  • how the superannuation guarantee charge provisions work to ensure employers pay the minimum compulsory superannuation amounts
  • the meaning of ‘ordinary time earnings’
  • when annual leave loading will fall within ‘ordinary time earnings’ – and when it won’t
  • how to deal with any shortfalls for historical quarters
  • what steps to take to protect your position for future quarters.

We look forward to seeing you there.