Go North West but not around the bend

Go North-West, young man! Novice school teacher Don Roberts certainly did, back in the 1950s, when he travelled north-west out of Melbourne to take on a challenging role in a single-teacher primary school in Victoria’s Mallee Country.

Don Roberts (Image: Mike Sullivan, 2008)
Don Roberts, 2008.

Go North-West, but not around the bend is the title of the book by Gold Coast author, Don Roberts. It is the touching, good-humoured tale of Mr Roberts’ time as the only teacher standing between a platoon of energetic, cheeky and innovative children and mayhem – although there’s plenty of mayhem anyway and Don Roberts is usually right in the thick of it.

This charming book, which is richly illustrated in caricature and with historical photographs is sure to have high interest among educators around Australia. It is a rich, entertaining tale that marks a bygone era in Australia’s modern history.

Larry Perkins.
Larry Perkins.
The foreword is by Mr Roberts' former pupil – now V8 Supercars team boss and former international motor racing champion – Larry Perkins. 

“Larry was one of the cheekiest of the lot!” laughs Mr Roberts. “They were an amazing bunch of children from the Mallee County, who went on to do amazing things later on in life as well.”

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