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    • Smart dads launch the ‘Wotif’ of childcare

      Smart dads launch the ‘Wotif’ of childcareTHE frustration of trying to find, negotiate and organise a childcare place for his son caused a Brisbane father to speculate “wouldn’t it be good if we could ‘Wotif’ this …?” But Lachie Neilan did more than just wonder. He approached friend Ben Skerman to help create a website that...

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    • Manufacturing uptick boosts jobs

      Manufacturing uptick boosts jobs

      AN EASING in Australia’s jobless market has largely come about through an improvement in manufacturing. According to Steve Shepherd, employment market analyst at research group Randstad, the June Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Labour Force figures show another positive month for full time jobs and he attributed this largely to the manufacturing sector.  “Over 24,500 full time jobs were...

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